Tickle Seduction

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 Innocent Fun turned into tickle torture

So I had My friend Tim over to hang out and study a bit.  He’s in one of My classes this semester and he’s so awkward and shy as to be entirely too cute.  I figured we could get a little work done and maybe have some fun.  I placed My just pedicured, shiny red toes right on his lap and smiled at him.  Poor Tim’s face started to turn red as I wiggled My toes and got comfortable.

I started tickling Tim with My toes.

He was so squirmy!!  Tim tried so hard to hold onto his composure while My toes adeptly worked around his hard cock.  I giggled mercilessly and taunted him “What’s wrong Tim, huh?”  I got up and pounced on him.  “Aww bet you didn’t sign up for this one, ” I laughed.   Tim desparately tried to get away, but it was futile because I was sitting on his lap and I was tickling his ribs so ruthlessly he  could hardly do anything but laugh and beg for Me to stop.

My fingers found all his most sensitive spots..

I straddled Tim while he wriggled around and pleaded with Me.  Of course I just felt this rush and had to get him more lol.  I could feel his erection pounding underneath Me while My fingers worked his armpits, belly and upper thighs.  Tim was squealing helplessly and as I tickled him I noticed his face getting redder and redder.  I felt his burgeoning cock throbbing through his pants, and while I tickled his tummy he gasped and I felt a warm rush underneath Me.  “Omg Tim,” what the hell is *that*”?  He quickly got up and said he had to go.  Poor Timmy, I think he had his first ticklegasm.  I’m pretty sure he’s  a  tickle toy in training for Me, don’t you think *giggle*?


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