Tickle Humiliation

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What could be more humiliating to a guy than to be overpowered and tickle tortured while another man can hear it?  Especially if the Ler was a girl *giggle*. Well I say next to cuckolding there’s nothing worse really.   I had My friend Dean over to hang out and My hot landlord was around doing some work on the apartment upstairs.  Dean is one of those socially awkward type guys that really stumbles over their words around hot girls like Me, it’s so cute!!!  We were discussing different things and My foot accidentally (on purpose >:) brushed up against his leg.  Dean jerked uncontrollably and laughed nervously.  “What’s wrong?,” I asked?? “Oh nothing,” he said shyly.  I took My ruby painted toes and started to wiggle them up under Deans khakis.  “Jennnna!!!,” he whined and squirmed around.  I started laughing at how ticklish he was and then there was knock at the door.

I answered it and who but the muscley armed landlord showed up.  “Hi John,”I said coyly. I invited him and introduced him to Dean.  John being the strong silent type started to work right away fixing little things that had gone into disrepair.  I was bored and decided to make Dean into My tickle toy, and the fact that John was there made more delicious for Me >:). 

While John worked away in the kitchen, I started to poke Dean’s sides. “What are you doing?,” he asked in a pleading tone.  “Having fun,” I laughed.  Dean was trying really hard to keep his dignity, but when I found the most ticklish parts of his ribs and belly, he couldn’t help but squeal like a helpless little piglet.  I started taunting him, “What’s wrong?”, “Huh?”, “Huh?”.  Dean was howling by this point and I could hear John out in the kitchen laughing right along with Me.  “You’re screwed now nerdy,” I said and laid into him good.  I tickled him fiercely and senselessly for about a half an hour.  John peeked his handsome face in and said “If that were me, you wouldn’t get away with that!!”,  he smiled.

When he said that I tingled all over in excitement knowing he was right.  I really enjoyed tickle humiliating Dean and *especially* in front a strong,  Real Man ;).  I can’t wait to ambush Dean at the Christmas party >:).

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