F/M Tickle Torture at a Halloween Party

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I love Halloween because I get to dress up in stuff I wouldn’t normally wear.  This year I decided to go a little edgy and dress up as a Dominatrix, imagine that *giggle*.  I had on a black skirt with thigh high boots and 4 inch heels they were so hot. I also had on a dark purple bustier with lacing and an awesome jacket with a faux fur collar.  I looked amazing.  One of My friends decided to go as My “pet”.   I dressed him in a business suit and put a dog collar on him.  That was way fun.

So people are drinking and having a good time and the music is blaring.  There’s this one guy dressed like a swimmer in speedos.  What a dork!!! It’s cold outside and he’s wearing swimming trunks!  Anyway he was doing shots and got a little too rammy with the girls, pinching their asses and stuff. He staggered by Me and squeezed My butt.  “Oh no he didn’t just touch My ass!!,”I yelled.  My “pet” looked at Me with fear. “Please Jenna don’t cause any trouble,”he pleaded.

I looked for back up gathering about five of My friends to gang up on the grabbastic dumb ass. We got some rope that was readily available from the Halloween decorations.  Drunky dork was stumbling around mumbling some obscenities and that’s when we leaped into action and grabbed him!!!  Omg he flailed and kicked and fought as hard as he could while we tied his arms and legs together.  One of My friends sat on his legs and raked his bare feet with her nails, while I went right for his bare tummy mercilessly tickling all those sensitive spots.  “How does it feel to be groped Andy!!!”, I taunted.  Poor Andy was squealing for his dear life “Please, stop, please OH PLEASE I”M SOORRRY!!!!,” Andy screamed.

My friends saw that as an opening to be even more ruthless with him.  We all swarmed around poor Andy’s almost naked frame while our hands searched all over his body for the most ticklish areas.  Andy squirmed like a fish on a hook while we tickle tortured the living hell outta him.  His laughter turned into shrieks, which turned into squeals, which turned into begging and pleading.  The best part tho’ was the fact that My friend recorded some of his squeals on her phone, that was just too funny!! I guess Andy will think twice next time he decides to be awaken Tickle Predator nature ;).

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